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General Plumbing Services Treeby

For over three decades the team at Little Pommie Plumber have been providing residents in Treeby with quality general plumbing services. Whatever you need, whether it be assistance with a kitchen renovation or a simple fix for a leaking tap, we have the experience and expertise to make light work of it. Want to learn more about the various plumbing services that we offer? Read on.

Blocked Drains Treeby

The two biggest tell-tale signs that you have a blocked drain are your basins draining slowly and a rotten egg odour. If you have noticed either of these then give Little Pommie Plumber a call today. One of our expert plumbers can be on-site as soon as possible to get the drains unblocked and flowing once again.

Burst Water Pipes Treeby

A burst water pipe is guaranteed to ruin your day, but don’t panic! We offer an emergency call-out service for situations just like this. Give us a call, rain or shine, and we will be with you immediately to resolve the situation swiftly and efficiently.

Leaking Taps & Toilets Treeby

Leaking taps & toilets are not only annoying, but they can slowly rack your water bills up over time as well. If you’ve noticed a constant dripping coming from one of your faucets and you don’t know why? Then give us a call today. One of our expert plumbers will make short work of it before the issue escalates into something bigger.

Gas and Water Plumbing Treeby

New Installation of Water or Gas Appliances Treeby

Do you have a new water or gas appliance that you need to install in Treeby? Are you worried about doing it yourself and making a mistake? No worries! Little Pommie Plumber has over three decades’ experience in the industry and in that time we have installed our fair share of new water and gas appliances. We’ll make sure that everything is up to spec, for your peace of mind.

Hot Water Systems Treeby

Is your hot water playing up? Perhaps it’s inconsistent or doesn’t seem to be working at all? Whatever the case, give LPP a call and one of our plumbers can come out and identify the root of the issue and prescribe the appropriate resolution – whether that be a quick fix or a full system replacement.

Heat Pumps Treeby

Has your heat pump seen better days? Are you in the market for an upgrade? If so, Little Pommie Plumber has some of the most innovative heat pumps in Treeby and all of Australia. These state-of-the-art heat pumps are highly energy-efficient and can not only reduce your utility bills but provide a sound return on investment in good time. Save money and do your bit for the environment, it’s a win-win!

Kitchen Renovations Treeby

Whether you need new gas and water appliances fitting into your new kitchen, or you have to have the whole of your kitchen’s pipework re-optimised to accommodate a new layout, Little Pommie Plumber will gladly assist your kitchen renovation team.

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