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There is nothing worse than getting halfway through a hot shower, only to have the water turn icy cold If you have problems with temperature or pressure fluctuations, your hot water system may be the culprit.

Did you know that all hot water systems are meant to be serviced every two years and on average the only last 8-12 years when not maintained?  If your system has been regularly maintained – you may get as much as 20 years of service!

We are experienced in all the great brands and can service and repair, gas, solar, heat pumps and continuous hot water systems.

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    Gas Hot Water Storage Systems

    A gas hot water system is more energy-efficient than an electric storage hot water system. Each gas system comes with an energy-rating label so that you can make an informed choice when purchasing this type of system.

    Solar Hot Water Sytems

    The heat from the sun is collected via solar panels that, in most cases, sit on the roof of your house. This type of hot water system does not produce any greenhouse gas emissions, which means it is good for the environment.

    Electric Continuous Flow

    Electric storage hot water systems are the least energy efficient when compared to all other systems.

    For this reason, the Federal Government is currently discouraging electric hot water installation, and it’s believed these systems may be phased out in coming years.

    Instantaneous Gas Continuous Flow
    Solar Heat Pump

    A heat pump is a little like a reverse refrigerator. It transfers the heat to the air outside of the unit to the water stored inside the heater through a heat exchange system. In the case of heat pumps, “heat” is a relative term as they will still work in freezing conditions* – at least -10 degrees Celsius, so it will still be generating hot water for you during winter nights.

    Hot Water Systems FAQ’s

    If you find that you are running out of hot water too quickly, it could be that you need to upgrade to a larger hot water unit to accommodate your family. We can install a unit that will be best suited to your needs and budget. It may also be worth considering rationing hot water and encouraging certain family members to take shorter showers.

    If your hot water service is leaking, then the likelihood is that your tank has burst. In any case, you will need to call the professionals to identify the extent of the damage and rectify it before the leak gets worse.

    Most hot water units have a lifespan of 8-12 years, so if you are having issues with your system, it could be that it is time for an upgrade. There are other possible causes as well, such as technical faults with your pilot light or the thermostatic mixing valve. In any case, our professional technicians will be able to easily diagnose the issue and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

    Pinhole leaks in the pipes is among the most common causes of low hot water pressure. Incorrectly installed pipes can get damaged along the way, low water pressure from the mains, or rusted and blocked pipes can also contribute to poorly performing hot water systems. If you suspect a problem, give Little Pommie Plumber a call.

    We advise that you do not attempt to repair or replace relief valves alone unless you are licensed and trained to do so. Your warranty will only stand if said relief valve/s have been installed by a licensed professional, so please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

    Both gas and water leaks can be incredibly dangerous, not only to you and your family, but your property as well. Something seemingly insignificant can indeed turn into a terribly dangerous situation so if you have any suspicions you must call the professionals immediately.

    We do. Sometimes a water heater can be easily fixed, others it needs replacing altogether. We will check and determine as to which path is best suited to you. Feel free to contact us and we can send somebody out to check your heater and the extent of the damage and we will go from there.

    Whether you need a permit or not depends on the type of water heater that you are having installed. The best option is to call and consult us and we will offer you the best possible advice given your situation.

    The short answer is yes. Our plumbers have years of experience when dealing with and installing water heaters and if you wish to have yours installed properly without incident, we recommend calling the professionals. Failure to have it installed properly can affect your warranty and render you with an unsafe installation.

    At Little Pommie Plumber, we endeavour to work as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, the time it will take depends on the extent of the job. A new installation can take longer, and depending on the location of the heater, or whether any repairs are required, plus any other additional incidentals that may occur can influence the time required.

    Installing a hot water tank will include labour costs, any incidentals, and the cost of the heating system itself. This is under the assumption that all water and gas lines have been installed correctly previously. If you would like to know how much one of our state-of-the-art hot water systems cost to install, please contact us today.

    If you find yourself without hot water, then your best course of action is to call a professional plumbing service. The cost of this largely depends on the cause of the issue and the extent of the repairs that need carrying out. The average cost of a repair could vary between $300 and $1000. If you’d like a more accurate figure, please feel free to contact us on 0410 999 007 at your convenience.

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