Blocked Drains Perth: We Can Unblock Even The Toughest Drains

As our houses begin to age and pipework gets used over, and over each day our pipes and drains can become blocked. A blocked drain should be cleared quickly as sometimes it’s a sign of bigger problems.

Some blockages in the household may be removed very simply using a plunger, drain cleaner or similar simple methods. However, on occasions, you may encounter an obstruction which is too resilient, unpleasant or inaccessible to deal with.

Little Pommie Plumber will not only unblock the drain but look for the cause to help the problem from re-occurring

The Right Plumbing Tool For The Right Job

CCTV Camera

Our hi-res CCTV drain camera can efficiently identify buildups of debris, damage or roots pushing on pipes…even the strange object that got stuck in your pipe.

Chemical Treatment

It’s effective in killing off root structure, so it doesn’t grow back into your pipes once the pipes have been cleared of initial root build-up.

Electric Eel

Our industry-leading Electric Eel utilises continuous cable to remove blockages in drains, sewer and stormwater pipes.

clogged drains in perth

Blocked Drains Perth FAQ’s

There are a variety of reasons why drains get blocked in Perth. Depending on where the drain is located, your blockage may have been caused by tree root intrusion, a build-up of solid material, previous installation faults, or even a lack of proper pipe maintenance. If you find that your drain is blocked, or suspect that it might be, simply call  0410 999 007 today.

If you find yourself stuck with a blocked drain, don’t trouble yourself with getting your hands dirty. We have a team of licensed plumbers with the right equipment and expertise at your disposal!

If you find yourself encumbered by a blocked drain, there are a number of things that you can try, for example: baking soda mixed with vinegar is a handy solution for dissolving blockages, boiling hot water, or a bent wire hanger to scoop out the blockage. That said, depending on the nature of the blockage there are no guarantees. Your best bet is to call the professionals.

Simply put, a storm water drain is a structure that is used to drain excess rain and groundwater from roofs, driveways, and gardens. If you find that water is overflowing in your yard during rainfall, the likelihood is that your drain is blocked, hence the flooding.

Having your drain cleaned in Perth can carry a different price tag depending on the type of blockage, the system itself, any other connected services, and of course, the extent of the blockage itself. You can reach us on 0410999007 to find out more about your unique circumstances.

Plumbers do indeed clean drains! It’s nasty work, but somebody must do it. Our team of licensed plumbers use state-of-the-art equipment to get all those nasty blockages out so that you don’t have to!

Typically, plumbers will use hydrochloric acid to unblock your drains. This is the most common ingredient in any anti-blockage products that you will find in the supermarket and is highly effective at dissolving any build-ups that inevitably occur in your pipes.

If you have spotted any of the following issues in your home recently, you may have a blocked drain:

  • Unpleasant odors rising from your drain
  • Nasty gurgling sounds
  • Baths, basins, and showers draining much slower than usual
  • The water levels in your toilets rising too high or coming close to overflowing
  • Low water pressure
  • Water pooling around the outside of your property (especially near drains)
  • Drain surface grates flooding during heavy rainfall

Downpipes releasing water

How long it takes to unblock a drain in Perth depends on the extent of the blockage, and where it is located. This determines how much cleaning will be required in order to fully unblock the drain and restore it back to working order. In any case, our professional plumbers act fast, for your convenience.

Gurgling sounds are usually accompanied by slow drainage due to it being blocked by tree roots blocking the drain. In such a case, our plumber will use specialized CCTV equipment to locate the blockage and determine precisely what it is before prescribing the appropriate treatment.

If you drain is smelling terrible, there could be a number of reasons for it:

  • A build-up of oils, hair, food scraps and fat can leave a disgusting odour
  • With sinks or showers that have not been used in a while (perhaps after a vacation), the water in the trap beneath can dry out and allow terrible smells to pass through the sink. By running hot water through the tap you might be able to relieve this; however, calling the professionals is likely the best course of action
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