We Can Unblock Even The Toughest Drains

As our houses begin to age and pipework gets used over, and over each day our pipes and drains can become blocked. A blocked drain should be cleared quickly as sometimes it’s a sign of bigger problems.

Some blockages in the household may be removed very simply using a plunger, drain cleaner or similar simple methods. However, on occasions, you may encounter an obstruction which is too resilient, unpleasant or inaccessible to deal with.

Little Pommie Plumber will not only unblock the drain but look for the cause to help the problem from re-occurring

The Right Plumbing Tool For The Right Job

CCTV Camera

Our hi-res CCTV drain camera can efficiently identify buildups of debris, damage or roots pushing on pipes…even the strange object that got stuck in your pipe.

Chemical Treatment

It’s effective in killing off root structure, so it doesn’t grow back into your pipes once the pipes have been cleared of initial root build-up.

Electric Eel

Our industry-leading Electric Eel utilises continuous cable to remove blockages in drains, sewer and stormwater pipes.

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