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How Heat Pumps Work

A heat pump works by using a refrigerant to transfer heat energy from one place to another. Heat pumps have been around for decades and you will find at least one example of a heat pump in every home in Australia. Your fridge, for example, is an ‘air to air’ heat pump, meaning it extracts heat from the air inside your fridge and deposits that heat to the air outside the fridge, usually at the rear of the fridge which is why you will find that the back of the fridge gets warm when operating.

Hot Water System heat pumps are ‘air to water’ heat pumps, meaning they extract heat energy from the outside air (which is free solar heat energy produced by the sun) and transfers this heat energy to the water.

All heat pumps use a refrigerant as a vehicle to extract the heat energy from one place and then deposit it elsewhere.

iStore heat pump Perth
iStore heat pump Perth
iStore heat pump Perth

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Just like solar hot water systems, heat pumps extract the suns energy and uses this energy to heat your water. The difference with heat pumps is that they extract the suns heat energy from the air around us rather than from direct sunlight. Due to this, a heat pump works all year round, day and night in any weather. There is also no need to install heavy unsightly solar collectors on your roof. Our heat pumps come as one single, easy to install unit which can be installed as a direct replacement for your existing system.

iStore heat pump Perth
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