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General plumbing services in Westminster

For residents in Westminster looking for professional plumbing services, Little Pommie Plumber are here for you. We’ve been working in the industry offering general plumbing services with a 24/7 emergency call out for over 30 years. Thus, it’s safe to say that we’re very good at what we do! No matter what the situation, contact us and we will set it straight with speed, precision, and a smile.

Blocked drains in Westminster

Do you have a blocked drain in Westminster giving you trouble? Perhaps you first noticed the rancid smell or some minor flooding? In any case, you’ll want to have the issue sorted as soon as possible. So, the easiest solution is to give Little Pommie Plumber a call. Rain or shine we will be there to assist you.

Burst water pipes in Westminster

Do you have a burst water pipe in Westminster? Then call us immediately! It doesn’t matter what time of day or night it is! We will rush to your assistance and help you through the ordeal with speed and precision. We know how stressful it can be, which is why you’re not alone!

Leaking taps & toilets in Westminster

Do you suspect a leaky tap or toilet in your home in Westminster? Well then, it’s best not to leave anything to chance. Call the professionals to take a look at it and set it straight. It might seem insignificant now, but in a week’s time you could have a burst water pipe situation on your hands.

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Water & Gas Plumbing Services Westminster

New installation of water or gas appliances

Installing a new gas or water appliance is a tricky job that requires a professional touch. So, rather than struggle on your own, why don’t you simply give Little Pommie Plumber a call? We’ve been in the game for over 30 years and there’s nothing that we can’t handle!

Hot water systems in Westminster

If you have a faulty hot waster system in Westminster and you’re tired of taking cold showers, simply contact us today. With our 24/7 emergency call out service, we can have your hot water back on in no time!

Heat pumps in Westminster

Little Pommie Plumber is proud installers of the finest eco-friendly heat pumps available on the market. Do your bit for the environment and reduce your carbon footprint, whilst lowering your monthly utility bills as well! It’s a win-win.

Kitchen renovations in Westminster

A kitchen renovation is a big job that can become terribly complicated without the right assistance. So, let us take a load of your mind by hiring Little Pommie Plumber to handle it for you! We have a wealth of experience dealing with kitchen renovations and guarantee that you’ll be entirely satisfied with your service.

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