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Here at Little Pommie Plumber, we’re proud to offer our general plumbing services to residents living in and around the Wandi area. We’re honest, professional and punctual. In fact, we can typically be with you in less than an hour! So, if you’re in need of premium-quality plumbing services, we’re here for you 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

Blocked Drains Plumbing Services Wandi

Have you got a blocked drain that’s giving your grief? Don’t put up with putrid smells and slow draining sinks for longer than you should have to. Give us a call and we’ll be with you in a flash, ready and raring to resolve the issue.

Burst Water Pipes Wandi

Burst water pipes can cause irreparable damage to your property if left unchecked for too long. Call Little Pommie Plumber immediately and we will be on site within the hour to restore your property back to normal.

Leaking Taps & Toilets Wandi

Leaking taps and toilets can be a terrible nuisance and will invariably push your utility bills through the roof. Give us a call and we will use years of combined experience to restore them back to working order in no time!

New Installation Of Water & Gas Appliances Wandi

Do you have a new water or gas appliance that needs installation? You needn’t look any further than Little Pommie Plumber. Our team of professionals will complete the task with precision and efficiency.

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Heat Pumps & Hot Water Systems Wandi

Hot Water Systems Wandi

Is your hot water system playing up? Call Little Pommie Plumber if you’re fed up with taking cold showers. We have over 30 years of experience and can fix the issue, whether the system is old or brand-new; we’ve got you covered.

Heat Pumps Wandi

If you live in Wandi and you’re looking for a quick, easy and affordable installation for a new Heat Pump, then don’t hesitate to contact us today. Start saving money on your utility bills and invest in an eco-friendly solution to your hot-water requirements!

Kitchen Renovations Wandi

Finally, if you’re interested in renovating your kitchen and breathing a bit of life back into the room, then we can accommodate you. Dishwashers, taps, sinks; any plumbing appliances and pipe-work can be installed by our experienced team in a flash. If you’re getting it done, get it done properly, with Little Pommie Plumber.

If you have any questions regarding one or more of our services, then please feel free to get in touch with us. One of our friendly representatives will be happy to assist you with your inquiry.

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