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General Plumbing Services Brentwood

If you are located in Brentwood and looking for reputable and reliable plumbing services, then look no further: the team at Little Pommie Plumber can accommodate you. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we have the skills and expertise to handle all general plumbing services including burst water pipes, installing new hot water systems, and fixing leaky taps and toilets. Whatever you need, simply contact us today. Read on to find out more about what we do.

Blocked Drains Brentwood

Dealing with blocked drains can be stressful and frustrating, not to mention the awful smell! But don’t panic, for blocked drains in Brentwood simply contact Little Pommie Plumber and we can have your drains unclogged and functioning again. Leave the dirty work to us!

Burst Water Pipes Brentwood

A burst water pipe can cause devastating damage to your property if not taken care of immediately. For burst water pipes in Brentwood, you can contact LPP and we will get to you within 1 hour to resolve the situation before things get worse. Rain or shine, our emergency call-out service is designed to put your mind at ease and keep you and your property safe from harm.

Leaking Taps, Leaking Toilets & Leaking Cisterns Brentwood

A leaking tap, leaking toilet or a leaking cistern may seem like a non-issue for now, but over time it can rack up your utility bills and cause unnecessary damage to your home. Not only that but stagnant, pooling water in the bathroom is a sure way to attract unwanted pests into your home, such as cockroaches. Contact LPP today and we can fix these minor issues before they progress into much bigger problems.

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Water & Gas Plumbing Services Brentwood WA

New Installation of Water or Gas Appliances Brentwood

Are you in Brentwood and need a new water or gas appliance installed? We have over 30 years in the industry and will make light work of any appliance installation gig with precision and at highly competitive prices.

Hot Water Systems Brentwood

Is your hot water system failing? For residents in the Brentwood area, we can come out and assess the situation – whether it requires a simple fix or a full replacement, our expert plumbers will advise you accordingly and have your hot water flowing in no time.

Heat Pumps Brentwood

Little Pommie Plumber is proud to supply and install some of the finest heat pumps in Australia. State-of-the-art technology, energy-efficient, and a quality investment that will see a return over the long term. If you’d like to reduce your energy bills (and your carbon footprint while you’re at it), contact us today for more information.

Kitchen Renovations Brentwood

Do you have a kitchen renovation project on the go in Brentwood and need a qualified and licenced plumber to handle all of the pipework? Whether it’s laying new plumbing for a renovation or simply installing new water and gas appliances, we have over three decades of experience and will bring great value to your renovation project.

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